You will love our space music for the new age. Flow with us into the Golden Age of Enlightenment. Meditate with the beautiful music of TranZen and focus on loving everything in your life. Astral project to any galaxy, experience the "Eye of God" that is called the Helix Nebula, connect with angels in the 4th Dimension or return to the Golden Age of Atlantis and Lemuria. The entire Universe is inside of every atom that is becoming you and I and is always available to us.

Vibrations within the music will guide you to the key that opens the portal to the Universe. The flowing, dreamy, spacey music is used for yoga, massage, meditation, sleeping and for background music anytime. The CDs are 74 minutes each and the long instrumentals flow magically into one another. TranZen performs live with a beautiful light and laser show.


Atlantis          Chakra Frequencies

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"My thoughts are the Universe"